Help Is On The Way

Help Is On The Way


by Dr. Ana

“The underlying cause of all disease is stress.”

“Stop stressing & just let it go.”

“Don’t let the job get to you, man.”

“I need a vacation from all this stress!”

“So you’re going to have to file bankruptcy, there’s no sense making it worse by stressing about it.”

There are knowable physiology changes, all the way to the DNA level, that explain what’s happening when we’re stressed that we end up sick.

Today I watched the fascinating film, “The Sacred Science: Healing Science for the Strong of Heart.” The film follows 5 people into the Amazon jungle to seek help from shamans and their elixirs from the tropical plants.  Their diseases were serious, life-threatening and for their own reasons, each person was looking for healing through natural methods. (The film is available for viewing free for 10 days at, and it can be purchased.)

In some cases, the western medical treatment was life threatening and in other cases, the answer was drugs, drugs, and more drugs with side effects that would severely compromise daily health.

The Amazon healing group had some amazing results: 3 people had miracle results; 1 person never returned; and one person stayed in the Amazon for further treatment.

It’s a fascinating story and one I know you will appreciate. Perhaps it will even inspire you to seek a natural treatment for a health problem you have.

In the clinic we see miracles of healing every day for people who were told they would have to “take drugs or die” or, almost worse, “there’s nothing we can do for you.”

Just a few of our miracles include: A woman with a diagnosis of lupus had a clean blood test after 3 months of treatment; a patient totally kicked 15 years of daily migraines; a young woman who lived through serious, life threatening burns as a child was able to conceive after adding acupuncture and herbs to her IVF program; a man with rising PSA indicating prostate cancer completely reversed his PSA count to normal and has maintained it over 7 years; another patient with severe fatigue had a total turnaround to normal energy after one acupuncture treatment and 3 days on an herbal formula.

All of our treatments are non-toxic, have curative qualities, and are pleasant to experience: acupuncture, herbs, heat treatments, food recommendations and exercises to move Qi and Blood.

If you’re unhappy with your health and are seeking a natural solution, we want to help you!

We are experts in the use of acupuncture to treat emotional pain, chronic back and neck pain; acupuncture to treat infertility; acupuncture for weight loss; acupuncture detox cleansing; cosmetic acupuncture; and Thai massage.  Our Arlington-based Northern Virginia acupuncture clinic has openings every day for new patients.  Contact us today.




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