Spectacularly! What Goes Around Comes Around.

Spectacularly! What Goes Around Comes Around.
Everything's Connected

Everything’s Connected

by Dr. Ana

When we diagnose the underlying cause of a disease, we figure out what happened step-by-step to cause the disease.

Once we know the steps that led to the disease, we can make a plan to either undo those steps or start stepping differently to undo the disease.

I have seen this approach work to totally resolve even the most entrenched diseases!

Then I saw a video depicting an entire eco system saved by taking only one step, and I realized that in the eco-system of the human body even one step we take towards healing has a much broader, often sight-unseen, result.





So, go ahead and take it.  Just one.  Don’t wait. Do it today.  Your eco-system is waiting to flourish in health!

What happened when wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park

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