What Natural Antibiotic will a Teenager Agree to Eat?

What Natural Antibiotic will a Teenager Agree to Eat?
Garlic: The Top Natural Antibiotic

Garlic: The Top Natural Antibiotic

by Dr. Ana

Roxanne lamented that she needed to find a natural antibiotic for her 14 y.o. daughter who was diagnosed with PANDAS when she was ten.

PANDAS is a disease caused when the strep bacteria crosses the blood brain barrier, usually a powerful block to any bacteria or viruses getting into the brain.

PANDAS  can be excruciatingly difficult to diagnose because the symptoms are related to so many different possible causes: constant regurgitation, flares of anger and mood swings, other OCD behaviors, fever and sore throat, severe fatigue.

The treatment, one which is simply not a good idea, is continuous antibiotics to prevent any other bacteria or viruses from triggering the symptoms,.

Of course, garlic is probably the top food-as-natural-antibiotic, but what teenager is going to chew raw garlic! Second up: Oil of Oregano.  Tried it. Hated it.

Needless to say, we’re still looking for the best option to include these traits:

Inexpensive to make. Easy to take.

Works like Magic. Tastes fantastic.

If you have an idea, a recipe, a suggestion, a success story…send it because we really want to hear it.

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