Crooked Body, Crooked Life

Crooked Body, Crooked Life

by Tamra Ana


Charlie’s neck, visibly misaligned before treatment & visibly aligned after treatment.

Pain, disease and discomfort in the body affect your mind and your spirit…how you act and how you feel about yourself, your environment, and everyone in it.

Charlie (16 yo) came to the clinic complaining of shoulder pain with visible misalignment.  His mom was complaining that he was also being a pain!

Charlie was argumentative and complaining about everything in addition to his shoulder.

When I saw him, it was easy to see the pain showing in the scowl on his face and his irascible attitude.

As cranial sacral treatment of his shoulder progressed, Charlie’s mood began to lift. By the end of treatment, his shoulders were aligned and so was his mood.

You can see in the photo that once Charlie was out of pain, he looked out of pain! The physical relief he experienced in his body gave his face a lighter, softer expression.

In Chinese Medicine, the state of your overall internal health is represented in your appearance, known as the Shen.

Have you ever caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror during a stressful or unhealthy time of life and thought, “I look like I haven’t slept in days or like a cloud is overhead.” Conversely, on days you wake up feeling great and thinking life is amazing, you have a visible glow.

After treatment, I showed the before and after pictures to Charlie’s Mom.  “That’s the son I recognize!”  She exclaimed, with more than a little relief.  Later in the day, she sent a text saying they were having a great afternoon together.

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