Understanding Cold & Flu Symptoms

Understanding Cold & Flu Symptoms

Meridians to treat Flu and Cold symptoms traverse the head, neck, and face.

Defensive Qi (Wei, 卫分)

Wei Qi is your body’s army of immune cells springing into action. At least 200 years before western medicine began studying the immune response in great detail, TCM already had an established theory that there existed a 4 level immune response, with the first level being called Wei Qi.

The type of Qi energy known as “Wei” protects you from nasty microbes and foreign invaders, i.e. pathogens. Wei Qi circulates close to the skin and musculo-skeletal system. Yang by nature, Wei provides warmth and regulates perspiration.

Lifestyle is the main determinant of the strength of Wei Qi. When we’re feeling weaker as a result of lack of exercise, stress, poor diet, etc., Wei Qi energy weakens and becomes vulnerable to an invasion of a cold.

It’s usual to experience respiratory problems over the course of a lifetime with symptoms that include chest colds, wheezing, phlegm, bronchitis, etc.

Symptoms of Defensive (Wei) Stage and common treatments

Some symptoms of weak Wei Qi include fever, chills, headache, sore throat, yellow phlegm, sinus problems, nasal congestion, no sweating, etc. These symptoms are generally diagnosed as  Wind-Heat from the body.

One herb to treat the common cold is honeysuckle, or Jin Yin Hua. You can take honeysuckle tea, or the dried honeysuckle is included in a formula with other herbs to restore you to full health.

–Dr. Qi


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