Yoga Plank Will Make you Straight As A Board

Yoga Plank Will Make you Straight As A Board
Scoliosis body brace

Scoliosis body brace

by Dr. Ana

When can something ridiculously simple make a spectacular difference?

When you’re a teenager being fitted with a body brace to resist scoliosis curvature. Instead, try 90 seconds of Yoga Plank.

These days it’s easy to accept that we can handle pain without using drugs to simply mask our misery.

We have many stories of natural and non-drug remedies such as acupuncture, herbs, meridian exercise, yoga, Tai Chi reducing and even eliminating symptoms involving pain.

It’s become second nature to find a close natural medicine clinic to handle everything from chronic migraine headaches and arthritis to sports injuries.

But bone problems?  Now that seems a little more difficult, if not impossible, to fix through something gentle, non-drug and non-surgical.

It’s taking us a long time to understand that down to the very cells of the human body, gentle is best!

We are experts in the use of acupuncture to treat chronic back pain; acupuncture for neck pain; acupuncture to treat infertility; acupuncture for weight loss; acupuncture detox cleansing; cosmetic acupuncture; and Thai massage.  Our Arlington-based Northern Virginia acupuncture clinic has openings every day for new patients.  Contact us today.


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