Beauty in nature. Natural beauty.

Beauty in nature. Natural beauty.

By Dr. Ana

I was reading about the plastic surgery called “Mommy Make-Over”  and the off-shoot, Daddy Make-Over.  (Daddy might need a makeover but, it’s more likely that he could get his makeover through lifestyle changes.)

Mommy goes through 42 weeks of pregnancy, followed by hours of giving birth (which might include a cesarean section), followed by a year of breast feeding, being sleep deprived and totally exhausted from the new schedule, as well as facing any challenges of eating to improve milk supply for her infant.

A woman’s pregnancy and post-partum body changes impact even the texture and color of her skin, mostly cannot be fixed by lifestyle changes, and are often severe by any woman’s standards.

During these two years, there are probably few discussions about diet, exercise, products or treatments that have to do with lifting body areas, smoothing wrinkles or scars, getting rid of dark circles or brightening skin.

For many women, a look in the mirror postpartum can be shocking enough to have them turn to cosmetic surgery. It’s tempting. It’s understandable. It’s what the cosmetic surgery industry promotes.

No matter how minor the surgery, though, there is an emotional, physical and mental toll to pay that doesn’t exist when you take care of yourself using energizing food,  pure cosmetics, relaxing treatments and simple exercises.

So, unless your situation is truly extreme, surgery post-partum is not the logical or necessary next step.

Tamra, Dr. Ana, Tiffany at the Social Event of the Season: Tam & Wes Wedding

Tamra, Dr. Ana, Tiffany at the Social Event of the Season: Tam & Wes’ Wedding

Check out some natural beauty methods we’ve developed at Heavenly Bodies Clinic.   You’re sure to enjoy the treatments with much less stress than going through surgery. Our clinic team has used the products, indulged in the treatments, followed the programs and eaten to maintain beauty and energy.  The results are to be seen in the picture of us at Tammy’s picnic wedding this summer.

We are experts in the use of acupuncture to treat emotional pain, chronic back and neck pain; acupuncture to treat infertility; acupuncture for weight loss; acupuncture detox cleansing; cosmetic acupuncture; and Thai massage.  Our Arlington-based Northern Virginia acupuncture clinic has openings every day for new patients.  Contact us today.


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