Treating Liver Cancer with Diet

Treating Liver Cancer with Diet
Beautiful & Delicious: Chinese medicine detox soup

Beautiful & Delicious: Chinese medicine Detox Soup

by Dr. Ana

With a diagnosis of liver cancer in hand, Kathy and Tim were in the clinic today learning to eat according to the energetics of food to detox from Tim’s side effects of chemo and to bring his liver enzymes to normal counts.  Kathy is at the helm, but Tim is all in to follow the eating plan.

As a first step, Kathy prepared, and they both followed, the one week Detox Soup Recipe (also our weight-loss begin pack).  Kathy lost 2# after the first day, Tim 3.5#.  They were pretty happy with those results and it made it worth the sometimes uncomfortable feeling of hunger and the sometimes distracting craving for their usual sandwich at lunch.

Their next stage of eating will be juicing.  At HBC, deviating from the usual western style of “any and all fruit, any and all vegetables” we recommend juice blends based solely on the energetics of food.  In Tim’s case we are recommending the veggies and fruits which balance and heal the liver.

The flavor that enhances liver function is SOUR.  The properties of sour foods stimulate absorption and contraction, and help break down fats.

Veggies Include: Artichoke, eggplant, beet, carrot, celery, dandelion, kelp, leek, parsnip & tomato.

Fruits Include: Avocado, blackberry, crabapple, date, fig, lemon, orange, plum, raspberry & strawberry.

Sweetener: Molasses

Condiments: Vinegar

Our recipes for Tim and Kathy’s week of juicing will include various combinations of  crabapple, orange, beets, carrots, celery and tomato; lemon and leek will add zing to every combo and carry the nutrients to the liver.  Sea vegetables such as Alaria Sporophylls, known for cancer fighting properties, will be added in small quantities to each juice.

Since most of the fruits that are healing to the liver aren’t palatable for juicing, we’ll save those for the next week of eating for a healthy liver.

In their third week, we’ll recommend recipes based on the same list of veggies, and the fruits from the list.

PICS eRecipeBookIn our recipe book Eating By the Five Flavors we have some great recipes so we can recommend the 10 or so recipes that specifically address liver such as: Roasted Pepper&Avocado; Eggplant lasagna; Spinach&Cauliflower; Lemon blueberry cobbler; Blueberry Yogurt Coffee Cake.

And we won’t leave out drinking the nectar of the lowly, beautiful, ever-present-in-stores: lemon.

Your body loves food; your body uses food to heal; trust it; believe it.  And let us help you design a diet that will bring you to full health.

 We are experts in the use of acupuncture to treat emotional pain, chronic back and neck pain; acupuncture to treat infertility; acupuncture for weight loss; acupuncture detox cleansing; cosmetic acupuncture; and Thai massage.  Our Arlington-based Northern Virginia acupuncture clinic has openings every day for new patients.  Contact us today.


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