Water! What’s Good? What’s Snake Oil?

Water! What’s Good? What’s Snake Oil?
A Toast To An Important Drink--Water!

Here’s To An Important Drink–Water!

by Dr. Ana

After I went on a research program about water, I learned that “Men require more water than women due to their higher (on average) fat-free mass and energy expenditure.”

The prompt for me to research water was an email from Ty Bollinger’s “The Truth About Cancer” campaign that said we really MUST be drinking structured water.

 “In all my years”, I thought to myself, ” I have never heard of structured water!”

I’m in the medical field advising on health so, I thought,  “I better find out what the heck is structured water?”

In the end I learned a lot about water.

But the structured water link turned out to be a sales pitch for products, based on absolutely no science. Worse, the information was on distorted science, on a link purporting the truth, and even worse, the association to cancer encourages you to believe that it’s critical for you to drink this very specifically prepared water in order to prevent cancer or recover from a cancer diagnosis.

Here’s a website you can trust to give you the information you need to make an informed decision about what water to drink.

It’s about the structure of water (not the bogus structured water).

Here are facts to start you off with a water information-foundation:

“Infants and young children need more water in proportion to their body weight. They cannot concentrate their urine as efficiently as adults… and their surface area relative to their weight is more extensive, creating greater water loss from the skin.”

“Often children are under-hydrated.”

“Elderly should take care to get adequate hydration, as aging diminishes the sensation of thirst as well as the ability to concentrate the urine.”

Drink to Your Health

Drink to Your Health

How much water is important: There’s no pat-requirement of 16oz of water 4x/day (for a total of 64oz of water) because the amount of water “needed” is variable by age, exercise level and amount of body fat.

What kind of water should I drink: What Water is the Best Water for Health?

Here’s to healthy drinking!

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