HBC: Chinese Medicine At Its Most Effective


f you’re not feeling well; if you would like to be more vibrant and joyful; if you are fearful of your future and your health, we invite you to Heavenly Bodies Clinic.

We promise you a healing team to bring you to the next level of health.

At Heavenly Bodies Clinic, each therapist has personal experience overcoming severe diseases for themselves, their children, and their close family. Many of our staff were told, “We can’t find anything wrong with you,” and “You’ll just have to live with the pain.” They even heard the devastating, “When your baby has a crisis we’ll be able to do something, until then there’s nothing we can do.”

With Chinese medicine there are effective, non-drug treatments for whatever health problems you are experiencing.

Each staff member ensures that you feel like family when you walk in the door.

At HBC, they treat the entire person, not just one symptom. 

Each of our staff sought alternative treatments and triumphed over severe circumstances. It is this experience that’s the impetus for our degrees and research into the full medical system that is Chinese medicine; and it is what makes all of us passionate healers.

We have certificates, focused studies, undergraduate and graduate degrees. Our therapists have completed apprenticeships and advanced studies in Chinese medicine and Eastern spirituality. Other areas of expertise include professional certifications in Herbology, reflexology, exercise science, meridian movement, muscle testing, cranial sacral therapy, Thai massage and body building.

I tell everyone how the staff at HBC encourages me to be in touch with them between visits so they can coordinate the best treatment plan each week depending on what I am experiencing.

We are a Northern Virginia acupuncture clinic, based for 15 years in Arlington, Virginia. We treat disease, disharmony and imbalance at all stages of life. Our scope of care includes pre-conception, babies and children, adults and seniors. As a Northern Virginia acupuncture clinic, we serve patients from close cities, Washington DC,  Southern Maryland, and cities further to the west who come for our specialized programs in treating severe disease through detox and natural medicine, non-surgical facial rejuvenation, and optimum health through nutrition.

I just love HBC!! I walked away from my treatment yesterday feeling so much better! Thank you for everything you do that keeps me balanced and sane while I go through fertility treatments.

We HEAL. We TEACH. We PRESENT. We CONSULT. Contact us now.