Detox For Health: Clean Body ~ Clear Mind

Kathe, Tiffany & Holley "chilling" in the Sauna


oday it is well accepted that exposure to the chemicals around us, in our food and clothing, our offices and homes, as well as medications and past immunizations often have a sickening effect on the human body.

Our bodies accumulate and store chemicals and poisons faster than our systems can break them down and excrete them. The result can be a constant low level of poor functioning in life.

Years of toxic exposure can explain the nagging headaches that prevent you from functioning your best. A fast and serious nosedive into “unexplained” disease processes, “mysterious” debilitating fevers, rashes or nerve pain, infertility and joint pain, can all be explained by a body unable to cope with the levels of toxins stored in the body.

These and other commonly experienced physical ailments like allergies, digestive issues, depression and insomnia have shown to have their roots in a body burdened by toxic overload commonly know as biotoxicity.

I am so lucky to have found Heavenly Bodies Clinic! I can’t believe how much better I feel. Usually I’m so tired all the time during allergy season that all I can do is veg after work. But, after the first treatment the fatigue was gone, I had a lot of energy and was mentally bright.

Toxic overload doesn’t look only like the common ailments we see, but it is also apparent in the way we think. If you believe you should be more confident, or more successful in life and love, if you are tired and bored with getting up every morning to repeat the same dead-end routine, you are probably experiencing the dragging effect of toxins.

At Heavenly Bodies Clinic we instituted a full body detox program to take our patients to the next level of health in body, mind and spirit. Our full body cleanse is a 20-30 day program that includes sauna sweat, nutritional supplements, health counseling, digestive detox, and life planning.

At the end of our program, patients are free of depression, headaches and joint pain. They have mental clarity and are able to make decisions that improve their lives. Loving relationships are restored, and the future is brighter.

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