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Dr. Kathe Ana DAS, L.Ac, NCCAOM

Dr. Kathe Ana, Licensed Acupuncturist, opened Heavenly Bodies Clinic after receiving her acupuncture degree from the Maryland Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and her Diplomate from the National Commission on Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Dr. Ana has additional training at the Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and clinical training in Shanghai hospitals.

Today, Heavenly Bodies Clinic has two sites. The first location specializes in acupuncture, herbs,  with appointment available for Thai massage. Chinese medicine is a full medical system for non-drug and non-surgery healing for disease processes that western medical interventions have proven difficult at best and ineffective at worst. Our second location specializes in offering the only western clinically tested and proven effective bio-detoxification program handling accumulated toxins such as heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, medications, immunizations, and toxic work environments that are known causes of disease.

In 2013 Dr. Ana opened Northern Virginia College of Eastern Spirituality and Healing, a degree granting institution offering advanced degrees in the study of the influence of the mind and spirit on the health of the physical body.

Kathe Ana teaches, lectures and organizes conferences that compare Eastern medicine and western medicine on the topics of improving physical health in order to excel mentally, and experience daily joyful living.

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Tiffany Tucci   LMT, Thai Medical Massage, Personal Trainer

From her extensive training in dance, yoga and personal training, Tiffany created our signature heavenlyBODYworks, our trademark meridian exercise program. She designs exercise programs for chronic pain patients as well as superb athletes. In addition to bodywork through fitness, Tiffany is an advanced practitioner of Thai medical massage, trained in authentic Thai massage from the Shivagakomarpaj lineage. This therapeutic touch focuses on stretching and pressure to aid the body in healing from diseases commonly seen in our modern society.
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Tamra Westbrooks  DAS, L.Ac, NCCAOM

Dr. Tammy, Licensed Acupuncturist and certified Cranial Sacral Therapist, is passionate about children’s health, women’s wellness, and family well-being. When her daughter was born with multiple bone anomalies in 2004, requiring an amputation before she was one year old, Dr. Tammy’s tenacious pursuit of treatments for Sophie led her to become certified in Cranial Sacral Therapy. She went on to complete an Acupuncture Apprenticeship at Heavenly Bodies Clinic with Dr. Ana as her Preceptor, earned her Master’s Degree in Acupuncture from Virginia University of Integrative Medicine, and her Diplomate from the National Certification Commission on Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Dr. Tammy uses her experience and training in her healing work with the whole family.

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We are a family run clinic. We know that excellent health means a happy, productive family. We have treatment programs for all ages and stages.

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