Our Babies are Life's Treasure.

Jim, one of our first patients, shares love with a new HBC baby


s a couple, your journey to fertility is unique. Two couples with the same western diagnosis for infertility may have very different underlying causes according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. This differentiation guides the treatments at Heavenly Bodies Clinic. A holistic approach makes sense when you are creating new life. Each story and each child is a special addition to the universe.

Dr. Ana gets to know the health history of each patient before developing a treatment plan. These individualized plans may include acupuncture, herbs, massage and dietary therapy.

Elsa added a sweat program to detox from prior abdominal surgery and she conceived! Look at the love!


arta was overdo by a week.  She came to Heavenly Bodies Clinic for our Promote Labor Program.   Promote labor is a series of three sessions close together and each session includes cranial sacral therapy, acupuncture and moxibustion on specific acupuncture points, and a tea that has the action of warming the muscles that circle the pelvis.

On the third treatment, Marta went into labor so we kept her at HBC and watched over her until she was ready to go to the hospital.  We gave another table to her partner Jax and let her sleep so she would be rested for the hours we knew she would be keeping at the hospital.

We helped the couple get their gear together for the hospital, arrange for pet care while they were gone, and alert their neighbors that they wouldn’t be home for a few days.  A week later we had a visit from the newest beautiful baby girl addition to the HBC family!

Tara and her husband now have two little ones, the second from natural conception.


ina came to HBC initially for severe back pain from stress, poor posture and spine surgery to correct scoliosis as a kid.  She was desperate and though she wasn’t very hopeful that we could help, she also wasn’t ready to give up.  She was newly married and her back pain was preventing Gina and Michael from getting very serious about having a baby.

After a month of bi-weekly treatment Gina was pain free and more than excited about it!  She decided to continue acupuncture for fertility and at her next cycle, Gina was pregnant.

When Gina was 35 weeks we started treatments to promote labor and right on time, at 38 weeks Scarlett was born.  Gina was happily venturing away from home with Scarlett in tow and their first stop was HBC where of course we showered them with love.

Gina and Michael are in the clinic every Saturday for massage and some peaceful sleep while Scarlett gets cranial sacral treatments to help settle her nights.

Gilda & Mike (42 yrs.) were over-the-moon when she conceived. Her fertility plan: IVF supported by acupuncture.


reeti came to HBC when she had recurring miscarriages while trying to conceive with her first baby.

Acupuncture treatments normalized her menses, but she did not get pregnant.  Preeti added Assisted Reproductive Technology to her family planning and in two IVF cycles she was excited to report she was pregnant!

Weekly acupuncture treatments helped Preeti through all the stages of pregnancy, Kavi’s teething and his first cold, and her post-partum weight loss program.

When Preeti and her husband, Karthi, planned for their second child, we were ecstatic to be part of the entire process of welcoming Rishi to the world.