Oriental Medicine is a complete medical system for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illness

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Human beings are bio-energetic systems. The disturbance in the balance of this energy causes pain, illness and negative emotions. Acupuncture treatment corrects the energetic imbalance by encouraging the body’s natural ability to heal itself, without the use of drugs or surgery.

What are Acupuncture Techniques?

Treatment with needles is the most common method of acupuncture treatment. Other techniques include: heat therapy, mild electrical stimulation, laser acupuncture, magnets, massage, patent herbs, and homeopathic remedies.

Is It For You If You Have Day to Day Nagging Problems?

Acupuncture can treat many of the same problems you would take to your family doctor.  Very often, when there is nothing western medicine can do for you, Chinese medicine can completely resolve the problem.  Without drugs, we successfully treat allergies,  all types of headaches, insomnia, fatigue, unexplained infertility, painful shoulders and joints, skin problems, and a host of other debilitating diseases that prevent you from enjoying daily life.

Is It For You If You Are An Athlete?

Athletes use acupuncture to achieve optimum performance levels.  Sometimes referred to as “dry needling”, acupuncture treatments along blocked areas of musculo-skeletal meridians can resolve runners knee, tennis elbow, tight hamstrings, IT band pain, painful night cramping.  Acupuncture and herbs are also well known to help with focus, stamina, willpower.  Many of our top athletes will attest to enhanced performance with regular treatment, and without drugs!

An recommended adjunct program for athletes is our full body and brain detox program.  Detoxification treatments have been proven to help with everything from negative emotions and chemical dependency to back pain, migraine and nausea; detox helps your body heal from overwork, and prevent future injury.

How Long Is A Treatment?

A treatment takes from a half to one hour.  To get the fastest results, 3 treatments over 10 days are scheduled, then as symptoms improve, fewer treatments are needed.

At the completion of the protocol, it is recommended that you schedule a session once a month. Contact the Clinic for scheduling and pricing.

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