Meridian Exercise

Holley prepares for her next volleyball tournament


ow many times have you joined a gym only to stop going after three weeks? It might have been because your exercises reminded you of the exercise you get in life: Lift that load! Press that weight! Fight those sit-ups!

You quit the gym, opting for buying the equipment. Pretty soon you’re tread milling or biking 10-mile mornings while you drink your coffee and read the paper. As you soon discover, this multi-tasking is ineffective at keeping you in shape.

Meridian exercise using yoga, free weights, bands and balls, incorporates the 12 postures known to strengthen the 12 energy lines on the body. The movements require a sense of discipline and deep, continual breathing, helping maintain your posture.

What impressed me from the start and what has made Tiffany stand out as trainer, is how she combines multiple muscle groups into each exercise, such that my workout time is optimized and results are almost immediate.

Meridian exercise improves cardiovascular function (lowers high blood pressure); enhances immune function (increase circulating white blood cells to fight infections); improves circulation (helps migraines and angina and stops vascular spasms); clears your mind and helps you achieve your weight loss goals.

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