Pain Management

You Don’t Need to Live with Pain


cupuncture is without question one of the most effective non-drug treatments for pain. Clinical reports as well as western clinical trials have proven it’s effectiveness. Prescription pain medications have side effects that are intolerable for many patients making acupuncture a viable first intervention.

I was so used to years of pain that when I woke up with NO PAIN after the treatment,I actually felt “weird.” It took me a few minutes to realize the weird feeling was me not being in pain!

Acupuncture completely resolved Lori’s neck pain

Western medicine’s view is that the placement of acupuncture needles release endorphins and opioids, the body’s natural painkillers.

Pain management through Chinese medicine includes acupuncture treatment as well as heated herbs applied topically, gentle massage techniques around the area of pain, and proper exercise. Together, these treatments relieve pain and improve motor function for greater agility, stamina and joint strength—without the side effects of prescription painkillers and muscle relaxants!

Joint Pain

When pain hits one or more joints, neck-hips-shoulders-elbow-knees-ankles-hands, your overall physical health is diminished. If the pain is severe enough, daily life can be difficult. Daily body function relies on good joint movement and strength. We get used to living with the pain, because we know it’s likely we’ll be told to take pain medication, or worse, surgery.

Back pain can be spondylosis, osteoarthritis, disc damage or muscular/ligamentou strain in upper, middle or lower back. If physical therapy doesn’t help, options in western medicine become surgeries that, even after a long recovery period, are often ineffective.

Neck pain is so common that people think it’s normal and the best treatment is to get used to the daily discomfort. Cervical spine problems are far ranging and can include disc damage, bone spurs, nerve pressure and progress to arm and hand numbness and tingling.

Acupuncture treatment offers immediate lessening of pain, strengthens the affected joint and soon returns full range of motion. Typically, patients experience relief from the pain at their first treatment, and full resolution in the course of their treatment plan.

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