Permanent Makeup

An Eyebrow Tattoo Session

Our signature Facial Acupuncture treatments, called QiGlow, began with the simple goal of using acupuncture and herbs to enhance natural beauty, improve skin texture, and reduce fine lines.

As we saw more patients with distressing skin problems such as eczema, acne, lesions, scarring and rough or dry skin, QiGlow treatments grew to include our own topical skin care products incorporating Chinese herbs, healing organic oils, and plant essential oils.

QiGlow patients would sometimes seek help with scarring that interrupted their lip line that no amount of lipstick could hide; a scar that ran through an eyebrow area where no hair grew; a remaining scar from surgery, lip color that was completely drained making their lips appear thin, or hair thinning or hair loss.

These patients wanted help from cosmetic acupuncture, and they looked to us to suggest a solution.

It was their determination to fix these stubborn-in-your-face-flaws that ultimately led us to research train in cosmetic reconstructive and enhancement tattooing. We discovered a fantastic, well-respected field of expertise called Micropigmentation, or Permanent Makeup Application.

Permanent Makeup is good for concealing scars or enhancing your natural beauty with the look of everything from a delicate makeup application to something more dramatic. We have regularly scheduled introduction and information sessions that will answer your questions and help you decide whether permanent makeup is for you

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