Thai Massage

Thai Massage is done fully clothed and no oils are used.


hai massage is not just hands-on bodywork.  It is massage performed with metta.  Originating in Buddhism, metta is translated as “compassion” or “loving kindness.”

Your traditional Thai massage is applied on a soft floor mat and the work is done fully clothed.  The massage starts with a warm Thai herbal foot soak to begin the body’s healing process and help you relax.

Deep stretches, acupressure and scooping massage techniques improve the flow of blood and body fluids to the joints, muscle bands and soft tissue areas resolving pain, increasing flexibility, and improving the ability to absorb nutrients.

One year after decompressive laminectomy surgery to fix the daily, relentless back pain, I was still massively uncomfortable every minute of the day.  I had no hope of ever being pain free. It was my athletic son who badgered me into getting my first Thai massage. After 2 massages I had notable improvement and after 4 massages  I continue to be amazed that I am back to a life that is totally free of pain for days and now weeks!

Thai massage sessions very effectively treat chronic conditions such as abdominal pain from digestive problems, and health conditions related to poor circulation such as lower leg swelling, migraines, and depression.

Thai massage brings immediate relief from back and joint pain with muscle aches and stiffness, whether chronic from an old injury or due to a recent sports injury.

If you are an athlete looking to improve your performance, the stretching and deep pressure improves the blood flow to your tight muscles increasing your flexibility for enhanced performance.

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