Success Stories

Nothing makes us smile more than reading the wonderful comments by our patients. Let us help you! Contact us or call 703-528-8272 to schedule an appointment.

  • For the first several months after birth, my baby boy woke up screaming in pain and his tummy was hard as a rock. We tried everything and then I took him to Heavenly Bodies Clinic. After 3 treatments of Cranial Sacral Therapy he sleeps peacefully and wakes up cooing. My cranky baby is finally sleeping and that means so am I!
    - Tara (32 yrs.), New born colic; detox
  • Surgery and drugs did not help 12 years of relentless back pain and after one month of acupuncture, I am pain free. I take no drugs, I sleep great and my days are full of energy and activity. My neurologist is delighted with the progress I have made since adding the Heavenly Bodies Clinic team to my health care. Suffering with daily migraine headaches for 14 years, my sleep and my waking hours were endless pain and complete exhaustion. Physical therapy, pain pills, and muscle relaxants offered no help. The pain took over my life. Within a month of acupuncture treatments, I very seldom take a pain pills, my sleep has improved, the pain has decreased, the headaches have decreased, and my sinus problems have improved!
    - Judy (65 yrs), Chronic debilitating back pain
  • When twenty years in the military including combat flight operations over Afghanistan and Iraq left me needing bi-lateral hip replacements, the team at HBC worked with my surgeon at Johns Hopkins on pre and post op treatment.  Acupuncture, herbs and diet therapy were an integral part of my successful surgery and return to full life!"
    - Wes (41 yrs.), Bi-lateral hip replacement
  • Getting treatment and joining the exercise program at HBC turned my life completely around! People around me that I see on a regular basis saw the program working for me and after one year I went from a size 16 to a size 6. I didn’t know anything about acupuncture, or meridian exercise, and now I believe it’s the best medicine available today when you know you don’t want drugs, but you know you want a better and healthier life!
    - Michelle (29 yrs.), Weight loss
  • Doctors told me that my arthritis was going to affect my daily life as I aged. I couldn’t imagine because I was already crawling upstairs because of the pain and to be told I was going to be even worse was unimaginable. I wanted to be playing with my grandchildren and living an active life in retirement. My western doctors told me I would just have to live with the pain. After three treatments with Dr. Ana my pain was so low that I was back to my normal life and the lifestyle I had always wanted of high activity and a lot of joy. I think this clinic is an uncovered gem!
    - James (70 yrs.), Arthritis, depression, joint pain