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Acupuncture: The Best Known Treatment

Joint pain, migraines, infertility, depression–a wide range of health problems disappear by correcting the energetic imbalance, without the use of drugs or surgery. If feeling better is right for you, then acupuncture is right for you!
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Immediate & Effective Solutions to Stress

Feeling trapped and desperate for relief? Plagued by regrets and feeling responsible for your situation but without the know-how to change things?  We offer immediate and effective solutions to the health problems caused by daily stress.
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IVF: Our Whole Mother Continuum of Services

We’ve partnered with Barbados Fertility Clinic to serve prospective mothers with comprehensive consulting and care that simplifies the IVF path to parenthood by providing the highest level of care with less stress at reduced cost..
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The Doctor is In

kathe-anaHello, I’m Dr. Kathe Ana, Licensed Acupuncturist and owner of Heavenly Bodies Clinic. If you or a loved one is suffering from chronic pain or infertility issues, it’s  time for a holistic approach.

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Patients Win with Acupuncture & Detox

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