30g Protein Breakfast = Weight Loss

30g Protein Breakfast = Weight Loss

imagesby Dr. Ana

We know a lot about food and weight loss or gain, yet studies that give us specific information about what to eat, when to eat it, and how much to eat never cease to fascinate us.

In this recent study, the researchers discovered that 30g of protein in the morning resulted in weight loss for obese teens.

How?  Because they ate less during the day and what they did choose to eat during the day had fewer carbs and refined sugar.

I have no doubt that this relates to adults as well as teens, and in fact it’s been a stable axiom in the bodybuilding world:  “30grams of protein 30 min after waking up”.

Here’s what a 30g protein breakfast looks like:

DAIRY.  1 cup Greek yogurt  23g (stick with unflavored to reduce sugar & add berries or use the herbal sweetener); 1/2 cup cottage cheese 14g (buy a low sodium variety); 8g per cup 2% Milk–cow or soy (but why chug tasteless, watery 2% when regular milk has fat that’s good for you!) 

EGGS. 1 large egg 6g (Don’t be shy about that golden yolk, that’s where all the nutrients hide!)

GRAINS. 1 oz 6g Wheat Germ (I’m talkin’ protein power!) (add it to protein shakes, pancakes and your quinoa cereal) 1 cup Quinoa (Again, let’s talk protein power!) (toast in a dry skillet, simmer in water, add cinnamon

BREAKFAST MEAT. Canadian Bacon 15g in 3 oz. (if you like meat in the morning, this choice has 6x less fat than traditional bacon); steak 23g in 3oz (stick with leaner cuts and don’t overcook otherwise you’ll have to choke it down)

PROTEIN SHAKES.  1 or 2 scoops of whey protein isolate (1 scoop = 24 grams protein; 2 scoops = 48 grams of protein), or rice protein if you don’t want a dairy based protein.  Mix with foods that add flavor and texture: Greek Yogurt 1 C+ Vanilla flavored protein powder (or plain protein powder & 3 drops of vanilla flavoring) +1 Tablespoon slivered almonds +1 tsp maple syrup +1C light soy milk (approx 52 grams of protein); chocolate flavored protein powder +1 tablespoon peanut butter +2 C milk or yogurt + 5 ice cubes; 1 cup kale (chopped small) + 1 Cup blueberries + plain protein powder

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After reading about improved health through protein in the morning, Romeo, my 10 year old Grandson, thought he should make a change.  He is not overweight but he is in the habit of not eating in the morning,  then being starved at noon or 2:00 p.m. when he needs instant sugar or he’ll die.

He agreed he would probably feel better and would certainly do better in school if he changed to morning protein.  We bought the list of morning protein foods & we have three weeks before school starts to get him in the very good habit of eating 30g of protein in the morning.  He’s going to keep track of the results and we’ll report back in a later post.

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